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Signs and Prevention of Caregiver Burnout


It is the sense of fulfillment that sets a caregivers’ passion in caring for other people, whether they’d be their loved ones or not. However, together with the honor and privilege of helping other people, is the tendency of feeling empty deep inside. Adult day services in Westminster, California understands that caregiver burnout is not an easy stage for caregivers.

First off, identify yourself with these few signs so you can evaluate if you are starting to have a caregiver burnout:

  • You feel angry or irritated over small things.
  • You raise your voice more often at your loved one which will then make you feel guilty at yourself.
  • You respond to their needs hurriedly; contrasting to the gentle and hurried approach you usually do.
  • You may be struggling with increased anxiety, depression, or insomnia which can cause a decline in your mental and physical health.
  • You feel like caring for your loved one is harming your family.

Such a time as this, an adult day health care in Santa Ana, California can help you when you are already running on empty and are ready to bottom out. You can make use of the following tips on how to prevent or address caregiver burnout:

Ask for help.
You can ask help from church volunteers, family members, or hire an in-home help from a senior center to take short shifts with your loved one.

Reserve time for you.
You may even create a schedule in your calendar intended solely for yourself.

Give yourself the time to evaluate the challenges of being a caregiver so you can start prioritizing your to-do list.

Take advantage of respite care.
You can choose from healthcare providers the type of care services your loved ones will need. They will give you the peace of mind knowing that your loved ones are being cared for by professionals.

We know it’s not a smooth-sailing process. Let ABC Westminster Day Health Center help you refresh and refuel yourself from the roller coaster journey of caregiving.

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