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4 Ways to Stimulate Appetite in the Elderly

4 Ways to Stimulate Appetite in the Elderly

Even if the elderly need fewer calories than they were younger, it doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t eat when they don’t feel like it. Even when they lose their appetite due to reasons such as loss of energy or capacity to cook, depression, loneliness, health conditions, or medication side effects, their specific nutritional needs should be met.

Adult Day Services in Westminster, California prepares these tips to get your elderly enough nutrition:

  1. Increase Nutrition, Not Portion
    Instead of increasing portion sizes, it is rather practical for your elderly who have lost appetite to increase the nutrient density of their meals. Huge helping may intimidate, so try adding healthy extra calories in the form of an avocado, olive oil or a little peanut butter.
  2. Regular Eating Schedule
    Since our bodies are tuned to regularity, straying from our usual pattern means compromising appetite. To get the elderly’s appetite back, try adding a small beverage or snack during a normal meal time. This can help get the body’s hunger signals to get going again.
  3. Learn About Medication Side Effects
    Be aware of their medications that cause them certain conditions, such as dry mouth in which sugarless gum can help. Do a research to counterattack the effects. You can also ask helpful advise from our Adult Day Health Care in Santa Ana, California.
  4. Make Meals Social
    If eating alone most likely reduces the appetite of young people, how much more for seniors? That’s where senior centers can help. They give elders the chance to choose whether they’d take part in the meal preparation or just enjoy meals with the company of caregiver’s lively chit-chats.

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