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Speak Without Limits Through Speech Therapy

Kids and seniors alike reap huge benefits from speech therapy. In fact, it is extremely important for the elderly population to have the ability to communicate clearly so that they can express their needs, especially during emergencies. That is why ABC Westminster Day Health Center provides speech therapy as one of our adult day services … Continue reading

Cognitive Activities for Seniors

People start experiencing slight memory lapses in their 20s and yet did not give it a second thought. For seniors who want to stay young, consider giving your brain a mental workout. Giving your mind new ideas to grasp and challenges to connect with are some of the best ways to stay alert and promote … Continue reading

4 Ways to Stimulate Appetite in the Elderly

Even if the elderly need fewer calories than they were younger, it doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t eat when they don’t feel like it. Even when they lose their appetite due to reasons such as loss of energy or capacity to cook, depression, loneliness, health conditions, or medication side effects, their specific nutritional needs should … Continue reading

How to Manage Chronic Pain

Through pain, your body warns you that there’s something wrong with it, such as an illness or injury. Some pain can be relieved immediately after healing, but others persist. With the pain’s constant interference, it becomes chronic and results in anxiety and depression. That is why our senior center provides few tips in managing chronic … Continue reading