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Speak Without Limits Through Speech Therapy

Speak Without Limits Through Speech Therapy

Kids and seniors alike reap huge benefits from speech therapy. In fact, it is extremely important for the elderly population to have the ability to communicate clearly so that they can express their needs, especially during emergencies. That is why ABC Westminster Day Health Center provides speech therapy as one of our adult day services in Westminster, California.

Speech therapy can play a huge role in improving your senior loved ones’ health. It provides treatment plans designed to help improve their cognition and communication skills, and address issues like nutrition and hydration that some medical providers may not take into account when it comes to speech and swallowing issues. 

Those who have certain medical conditions such as stroke, brain injury, or cancer of the mouth, head, and throat will need speech therapy services. You will know that your senior loved ones will be needing speech therapy when they show the following symptoms:

  • They struggle in responding to others and requesting their needed items.
  • They find it difficult to manage personal matters because they cannot speak clearly.
  • They have trouble swallowing or they feel like a food is stuck in their chest or throat.
  • Family caregivers start to doubt whether they can communicate in times of emergency.
  • They have become more hesitant to speak.
  • They struggle with speaking audibly or hearing others.
  • They interchange words more often.

If they display those signs, do not hesitate to reach for a professional help. Speech-language pathologists in an adult day health care in Santa Ana, California can help patients with the following:

  • Articulation problems – Not speaking clearly and making errors in sounds.
  • Fluency problems – Trouble with the flow of speech, such as stuttering.
  • Resonance or voice problems – Trouble with voice pitch, volume, and quality.
  • Oral feeding problems – Difficulty with eating, swallowing, and drooling.

If you need expert pathologists for your loved ones, a senior center such as ABC Westminster Day Health Center will be of great help. It is our pleasure to see clients live life to the fullest with our specialized care.

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