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Senior Activities in Westminster, CA

Activities to Improve Fine Motor Skills in Seniors

Fine motor skills are important to perform daily activities, such as buttoning your shirt, opening jars, and unlocking doors. As you age, these skills may start to deteriorate, which causes obstacles in living an independent life. At ABC Westminster Day Health Center, a provider of quality adult day care in Santa Ana, California, our goal … Continue reading

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How Aging Adults Can Benefit From Adult Day Care

A lot of families face the struggle of finding ways to ascertain that their aging loved ones receive care and assistance while managing other life priorities at the same time. Making care decisions often trigger stress and anxiety, and it even strains family relationships. Nursing homes or in-home care services are known to be traditional … Continue reading

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How Adult Day Care Centers Benefit a Family

You may wonder how adult day care centers provide care and respite solutions to families. For starters, they help family caregivers get their much-needed rest from their caregiving responsibilities. They also offer senior adults with health-beneficial opportunities to socialize with their peers. In an adult day care in Santa Ana, California, care facilities for seniors … Continue reading

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Choosing the Best Option

ABC Westminster Day Health Center is one of the best and also one of the most reliable senior care center in Westminster, California. We can provide you with customized and specialized services according to your needs. We firmly believe that every one of us deserves special care and attention. Trust us when we say that … Continue reading

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Healthy Eating Habits for Seniors

As we grow older, the changes in our bodies become more and more significant. However, we also need to do the best that we can if we want to slow these changes down. As an adult day care in Santa Ana, California aiming to help seniors live their best life, we have listed healthy eating … Continue reading

Caring for Senior’s Mental Health Amidst the Pandemic

The past few months have been challenging for everyone. There is instability in the economy and the medical system; everyone is affected. Such tremendous changes often trigger anxiety and can escalate to severe mental health problems. People of all ages are affected by anxiety and depression. The condition may vary on a case to case … Continue reading