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Activities to Improve Fine Motor Skills in Seniors

Activities to Improve Fine Motor Skills in Seniors

Fine motor skills are important to perform daily activities, such as buttoning your shirt, opening jars, and unlocking doors. As you age, these skills may start to deteriorate, which causes obstacles in living an independent life.

At ABC Westminster Day Health Center, a provider of quality adult day care in Santa Ana, California, our goal is to help seniors live a safe, dignified, and independent life. This is why we’ve listed five simple activities you can do to strengthen your fine motor skills.

However, before beginning any of these activities, make sure to consult your doctor. There are instances that seniors need the assistance of registered nurses or caregivers when doing these activities.

  • Hand exercises
    Squeezing a stress ball, using a therapy putty, and wrapping rubber bands around your fingers are some of the simple hand exercises you can do to improve your fine motor skills.
  • Finger painting
    This activity is excellent for seniors since it helps strengthen your fingers and small hand muscles.
  • Knit or crochet
    The hand and eye movements involved to knit or crochet can help improve your dexterity and fine motor skills.
  • Gardening
    Digging and planting seeds in your garden are excellent ways to retain your fine motor skills
  • Doing simple chores
    Folding your laundry, organizing shelves, and doing puzzles are some of the simple things you can do at your senior day care to enhance your motor skills.

Are you looking for a safe and secure senior care center in Westminster, California for an elderly loved one? If so, you can set an appointment with us so we can discuss your loved one’s care needs.

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