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Tips to Improve Cognitive Health in Seniors

Tips to Improve Cognitive Health in Seniors

It is important for seniors to be physically, socially, and mentally active to keep their cognitive health sharp. At ABC Westminster Day Health Center, we provide numerous senior care services to prevent cognitive decline among our senior clients.

Here are some of the activities and services our registered nurses offer to improve the cognitive health of our seniors:

  • Eating healthy foods.

    As a reliable senior care center in Westminster, California, we make sure to serve food that can boost a senior’s brain health. This is why we have nutritional counseling to promote healthy eating.

  • Being physically active.

    An active body is critical to maintaining a sharp mind. At our adult day care in Santa Ana, California, seniors enjoy walks or group exercises to improve their health.

  • Keeping the mind active.

    Playing memory stimulating games, such as puzzles, scrabble, or Sudoku, may help seniors maintain a higher cognitive ability.

If you need assistance in caring for your aging loved ones, you can rely on us. Our senior day care center is a perfect place for them. Our services are carefully organized to promote independence, safety, and wellness in all of our clients. Call us now!

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