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Ways to Improve Walking and Balancing for Seniors

Ways to Improve Walking and Balancing for Seniors

According to Harvard Health Publishing, a sense of balance prevent you from complicating medical conditions, and vision problems. It also leads to being prone to trips and falls, which affect the way seniors fulfill their daily activities.

What organization should you call for improving walking and balancing? A senior care center in Westminster, California, is the best possible organization. They follow rules provided by the National Institute of Aging. 

They have registered nurses who may help in administering the balance work exercise. Senior care needs that kind of physical activity to improve patients’ well-being. Here’s how to do that exercise:

  • Raise arms to sides considering the shoulder level.
  • Choose a path where a patient needs to focus on while walking.
  • Walk in a straight line with one foot in front of the other.
  • As seniors walk, lift back the leg and pause for 1 second every step forward.
  • Repeat these steps 20 times with alternating legs.

When an adult day care in Santa Ana, California, do these exercises, you’re paying for the right senior services for your family. This activity strengthens the muscles for walking and balancing the body, which prevents accidental trips and falls.
This activity needs a physician’s advice when in need of age-appropriate exercises. You also have to prepare for a sturdy chair so the patient can hold it once they get tired. 

Are you looking for community-based adult services? ABC Westminster Day Health Center can help you achieve it. Feel free to contact them for more information.

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