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Why GERD Is Common in Aging Adults


Senior adults are more likely to experience GERD as a result of physiological changes that are associated with aging. According to a senior care center in Westminster, California, prescribed medications can also be considered a factor in the increase of their stomach acids, causing the condition to worsen.

Now, this doesn’t mean that senior adults should stop taking their medications but consult their doctor first. Prescriptions are still important to help manage their other health conditions. Consulting a doctor can provide them with other options or advice on how they can manage GERD symptoms like certain exercises and lifestyle changes.

When a person has GERD, they usually experience burping, heartburn, and throwing up sour liquid or food that has already been ingested. This can be an uncomfortable feeling but easily overlooked, especially when they are busy. However, without fast treatment, GERD can actually become a real problem.

In our adult day care in Santa Ana, California, we have senior clients who express concern about GERD symptoms. We always see to it that they are checked and treated to ascertain their health and medical status.

At ABC Westminster Day Health Center, we have registered nurses who monitor the health and wellbeing of our clients. To know more about our services and programs, please contact us today!

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